Best Pull Up Dip Bar


 VKR TowerSpace Saver VKR Workout Tower-Space Saver VKR Tower - 5 star rating 
  • Pull Up Station  
  • Dip Station  
  • Vertical Knee Raise  
  • Large Padded Backrest with Lumbar Support 
  • Sleek Design 
  • Epoxy Coated Finish 
  • Space Saving Sleek Design 

Leverage your body weight and get maximum results without lifting weights with this space saving Free Standing Pull Up Bar/Dip Station/Vertical Knee Raise Workout Tower.

This is one of the most durable and lowest priced free standing pull up bars available. It's also one of the highest rated and most recommended. 

The VKR Workout Tower can be purchased from various online sporting goods stores, but we found Amazon to have the lowest prices.

The VKR Tower is currently on sale at Amazon with FREE Shipping - Click Here to go to the VKR Tower at Amazon

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Why a Pull Up Dip Bar?

Did you know that pull ups are one of the best exercises for working the entire upper body? When you ad dips to the equation, you have one of the best combinations for obtaining a chiseled upper physique. A pull up dip bar is the perfect solution if you happen to be looking for a piece of equipment that will do both jobs. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right bar including price, style, function, and personal preference.

You'll find many variations for pull up dip bars, however most of them work in the same way. They'll usually have two grips which are slightly wider than shoulder width. Some will come with adjustable handles for those who are more broad or narrow in the shoulders. Depending on the design, you may be able to perform dips without your feet ever making contact with the ground.

The pull up portion of the pull up dip station may either be a straight simple bar or a have a more sophisticated shape or one continuous bar such as the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower that allows for variations in grip. Grip variations allow you to target more specific muscle groups which help to build a more balanced physique. Some pull up dip bars will even be designed so that you can perform a pull up without banging your noggin on the overhead bar.

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In order to pick the perfect pull up dip bar, you might want to consider the safety factor. Some cheaply made bars may not hold up under repeated use. It's also good to check out the weight limits, especially if you're over 200 lbs. Some of the better quality bars are built to hold heavy loads and last a long time.

If one of your main concerns is space, you might be surprised that some of the pull up dip bars are so compact that you can store them in your closet when not in use.

The chin up dip bar design varies widely and can range from the cheaply made models to the expensive and more elaborate stationary equipment. If your budget doesn't allow for the more expensive pull up dip bars, you can definitely find something in the middle range. There are a few models that are cheaply built that I would not recommend since they don't last long and can be dangerous. Listed below you will find the most recommended pull up dip bars to fit anyone’s budget.

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