Doorway Pull up Bar Reviews

Why are Doorway Pull Up Bars becoming so popular? Maybe it's because they're cheap, convenient, and portable. Since there are several models to choose from, which ones are really worth your money? We looked at hundreds of consumer reviews and found only a few to be the most versatile, durable, and least expensive choices of them all.

The Iron Gym Review
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When you compare the appearance of the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar with many other doorway pull up bars, it's obviously not much to look at. Just take look at a picture of the Iron Gym next to some of the multi-grip pull up bars. Now let’s consider the overall user experience. The Iron Gym received many more positive reviews than any other doorway pull up bar. Why? Even though the iron gym didn’t have the multi-grip handles like some other models, users were still able to perform a variety of exercises which were more than enough to accomplish the same goals.

Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar Features and Specifications:

  • Versatile - Allows you to Perform Pull-ups, Dips, Push-Ups, Crunches, Chin ups, and more
  • Can vary your hand grips – Wide, Narrow, and Neutral
  • Won't damage the Doorway – Cantilever design uses leverage to keep it in place without having to use screws.
  • Complete upper body workout
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Fits 24” - 32” Doorways

Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up  Customer Reviews

Most of the users who actually purchased and used the Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar gave it positive reviews. Many liked the fact that they can perform pull ups, push ups, crunches, hanging leg lifts, and dips. Others gave it favorable reviews because of its price, solid construction, and ability to hold up to 300 lbs. A few others said that they were surprised that it didn't leave any marks on their doorway.

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Even though the majority of reviews were positive, there were a few negative reviews. One reviewer said that he felt a little flex in the bar while he was using it, but did say that he felt secure knowing that it can hold up to 300 lbs. Another reviewer said that it didn't work in his door frame because his molding was too thin. The Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar was constructed to fit into most doorways that are 24 inches to 32 inches wide with molding that is up to 3.5 inches wide so be sure you take measurements before you decide to place an order.

P90X Chin Up Bar ReviewP90x Chin-up Bar - Visit Website

The next highest reviewed Doorway Pull Up Bar is the P90X Chin Up Bar. The main advantage of the P90X Chin up bar over the Iron Gym is its 12 grip position design. Both pull up bars are great but if you require additional hand grips for your workout, the P90X Chin-up bar is one of the top choices.

You can find various copies of the P90X Doorway Pull up bar but all of the ones we saw were built with cheap materials. In fact, some of those who purchased a cheap copy of this bar mistakenly left a few negative reviews for the real P90X bar on Amazon. So, they were unfairly slammed.

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P90X Doorway Pull up Bar Features and Specifications

  • Patented 12 Grip design for Overall Development
  • Foam Covered Handles prevents cramping of the hands
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Durable – Made with reinforced heavy gauge steel
  • Easily Stored when not in use
  • Shipping Weight – 11.1 lbs.

P90X Doorway Pull Up Bar Customer Reviews

Most of those who actually purchased and used the real P90X Chin-Up Bar gave it positive reviews. An overwhelming majority of those liked the fact that it had multi-grip positions and was built with a strong durable steel frame. Others liked the stability that it gave them during their workouts and that it was able to hold their weight without any problems. Still others liked the foam padding on the hand grips, saying that they were much more comfortable than other bars and that it didn’t cramp their hands during workouts.

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There were a few negative reviews from those who said that the P90X left marks on their door frame. If you’re going to purchase a doorway pull up bar, this is going to happen with the majority of them. Some people solved this problem by applying additional padding where the bar contacts the door frame which prevented any marks from forming. If you’re concerned with leaving marks on your wall or door frame, either go with the Iron Gym or, if you don’t mind spending a little extra money, a free standing pull up bar such as the Weider 200 or the VKR Tower are the best choices.


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