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Weider 200 Pull Up Equipment


VKR Tower

Doorway Pull-up Bar Reviews


Weider 200 Power Tower

 Space Saver VKR Tower

 Doorway Pull-up Bar

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Winners of Best Pull Up Equipment by Category


Iron Gym

Best Portable Pull-up Bar- Iron Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar
Average User Rating: Stud Bar- 5 star rating

The Iron Gym Doorway Pull up Bar is the most durable, portable, and cheapest pull up bars around. It is also received more positive reviews than any other portable pull up bar.

 Read the Iron Gym Review

 Weider 200 Power Tower

Best Free-Standing Pull Up Bar - Weider 200 Power Tower
Average User Rating: Stud Bar- 5 star rating

This is one of the highest rated free standing pull up bars around. This 5 Star Pull Up bar features multiple grip positions for pull ups, a dip station for working your triceps, chest, and shoulders and a vertical knee raise station for your abs and quads. The Weider 200 is made of durable tubular steel and a two toned, powder coat finish.

The lowest prices can be found at Amazon. In fact, Amazon is offering the Weider for  30% OFF the Retail price !!   Click Here go directly to the Amazon Product Page.

 Trapeze All-In-One Pull Up Bar

Best Portable Outdoor-Indoor Pull-Up Bar: All-in-One Stand Alone Pull-Up Bar by Trapeze
Average User Rating:Best Overall Outside Pull-Up Bar - 4.5 Stars

Portable, durable, and able to hold up to 350lbs, this rugged piece of equipment can also adjust to different heights. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it won't rust! Special hand grips allow you to do dips. Read Review


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The information on this site is gathered from various well respected websites such as Amazon.com and other similar companies. The reason we pull our information from these companies is because of their reputation for supplying the most accurate consumer feedback.

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One of the major advantages of reading the reviews on our site is that you don't have to spend hours searching the whole Internet and gathering the information for yourself. We do that for you. All the information is accurate and gathered into one place for your convenience. Our concept is simple. The most accurate pull up equipment reviews on the Internet combined with the lowest prices anywhere.

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The exercise equipment on this website is divided up into different categories. We show you only the top products from each category. You'll find everything from doorway pull up bars, free standing or power towers, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, outdoor, portable, etc.

Simply choose the product that interests you on this page and click the link. That page will have the most accurate reviews. Then if you need further information, want to place an order, or would like to read additional consumer reviews, just follow the link on that page directly to the product.

Our site is relatively new, so we will be adding additional reviews in the very near future. For now, we have the top pull up bars in each category listed. If you would like a review of a specific pull up bar or have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Once we have multiple requests for the same pull up equipment review, both me and my staff will get to work and start gathering the necessary information. We'll then post it to: pullupequipment.com

Why Pull Ups?

Do you know the number one home exercise? That's right. It's the pull up. You can actually do pull ups just about anywhere. The reason pull ups are so effective is that they work more muscle groups than any other single exercise. The great thing about pull ups is that you don't have to go to the gym to do them. If you have the right pull up equipment, you can perform chin ups just about anywhere. Another advantage is that certain pull up bars are very affordable.


  • Portability – you can take your portable chinup bars just about anywhere
  • Affordable – It's simply amazing how affordable it is
  • Durability – Most lightweight pull up equipment designs are made to last
  • Visually appealing
  • Versatility – Most pull up bars today are made to be versatile which means that you can perform various exercises such as chin ups, pull ups, dips, abs exercises, etc.
  • V-Shape body – Pull ups are the exercises to perform if you want to obtain the classic v-shape 

Can anyone do pull ups?

If you feel that you're not strong enough to do a pull ups, I have news for you. You can do them. If you're struggling to do pull ups here's how you can get an extra boost. Get a regular chair and put it in front of you and the pull up bar. Now, with the back facing you grip the pull up bar and when you feel that you're struggling, put one foot on the back of the chair and give yourself a little boost. As you get stronger you'll find you'll no longer need the chair.

What's the best pull up equipment?

The best pull up equipment depends on your needs. If you work out at home, you may want something that's not going to get in the way. In my opinion, the best pull up bars you can get for home are the cantilever designs. These are the pull up bars that you hang in the doorway. The great thing about a cantilever pull up bar is that they don't require any screw holes. You just simply hang them in the doorway and go to work. If you're looking for a more permanent design, you may want to choose one of several pull up stations made specifically for home and commercial gyms.

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